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Raze 2 Hacked is a platform combat shooter done by Juice –Tin. You play as a member of Raze, an elite task force made in 2108 when aliens invaded the Earth. Your aim is to (once again) be the hero and save our planet from the invading alien forces that are ever so strong. The twist is, you can also play the enemy and fight to destroy our lovely Mother Earth.

HACKED VERSION INFO: Press [H] Toggle health – [J] Toggle ammo – [K] Money – [L] Toggle energy Note: the game is still being developed – we’ll update the hack as the releases come out.

Controls are standard WASD, jumping is done with Space, using abilities with either F or Ctrl key, while aiming and shooting is done with the mouse. Raze 2 hacked set years after the first alien invasion, where you are the sole survivor. You can play Human and Alien campaign, or the quick match. Both the quick match and campaign mode is played in urban "arenas" where show-offs between you and the enemy team are fought. The game resembles Quake 3 player vs player duels. When you die, you respawn. Weapons respawn sporadically, and so do the additional ammo, health packs or shields.

The game offers credits earned by completing (winning) games, unlocking achievments and killing off enemies. Credits can unlock new skins (including lots of human, alien or zombie! skins), weapons, abilities or equipment which you can purchase trough the armory.

The most interesting parts are weapons! We can use a Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper, Laser Mini Gun, or, my favorite – the OP Rocket Launcher (again, pretty Quake like, minus the plasma gun)! Of course, the main point of this game is not to save or demolish Earth. The point is in bashing your enemies with your Rocket Launcher and seeing them crumble under your feet! For all fans of fast paced action packed games where you can duel your friends or the AI, this game is highly recommended.